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  • Order Form
  • Signed passport valid for at least six more months from the date of return from the trip with at least (2) blank visa pages.
  • One (1) online Visa application filled out, signed, dated and paid for . Applicant can use black or blue ink to sign the application.

    Click on the LINK:

    After filling out the application, you must schedule an appointment for biometrics (finger printing). After scheduling your Biometrics appointment, you domt have to wait for hat appoinment date you can ust go hey will honor it, in addition to paying the consulates fee please click on the LINK below to pay the VFS priority fee to setup your file for PRIORITY processing otherwise your application will be backlogged due to heavy Visa volume at the Consulate. CLICK ON LINK BELOW:


  • Two passport sized photo (2×2), with a white background, no glasses, no head gear unless used for religios purpose and must be on passport aswell. Photos taken at premises ($15 fee for one set).
  • Roundtrip flight Itinerary showing the applicants name.
  • Provide Hotel reservation or if staying with a friend or family member they must provide you with a letter stating address, dates of stay, and contact information along with coy of UK ID & lease areement or deed ownership
  • Proof of Immigration status for FOREIGN/TRAVEL passport holders:

    Permanent resident card, Valid US visa (e.g. H1B, F1), Advance parole document, Employment Authorization Card (does not permit re-entry to the US), Valid DS 2019 (formerly IAP66), Valid I-20 (must be signed on the reverse by designated school official), Valid I-94 Arrival Departure Record

    • 3 months worth of your bank statements consisting of at least between $3,000-5,000 USD or Travelers Checks
    • For Student Visas need approx. $2,000 USD for each month you are staying abroad to study (if bank statements from parents provided need an additional handwritten notarized letter from account holder confirming financial support for you )
  • Letter of Invitation:
    • Tourist visa- Detailed Proof of Vacation letter consisting length of employment, authorized vacation dates, statement regarding vacation and return to work.
    • Student visa – Letter from school, college, or university confirming the acceptance for course of study in the UK & charges for the course. Any degrees, diplomas or transcript as a specified on the U.K. web-site. Loan approval, Letter of support from sponsors, or Evidence of Government Sponsorship.
    • Business visa – Letter from employer giving details of the visit & also stating that the company will assume moral/financial responsibility of the trip. Personal bank statement.
    • Work Permit visa – Original work permit only obtained from employer in the UK. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • RushPassport Fees
    • Foreign & Travel passport – $250 (10-12 business days)
    • Student Tier 4 Visas , Work Visas or Employment Based (Foreign or US Passport) – $250



    Consulate fee(s) & fee(s) can be combined and paid in CASH/MONEY ORDER (money order payable to “Rush Passport Inc”)
    CREDIT CARD for an addt’l fee of $10 per consulate and applicant.

    Note: Cash or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex) Accepted. Credit Card Authorization Form

  • NOTE:

    These are the basic requirements. While filling out the application online, additional documents may be requested. If rejected, you can not reapply for another 6 months.

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    • Pay $65.00 for first A.M. (usually by 8:30am) and Saturday delivery.
    • Or just simply pick up at our location.
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    We STRONGLY recommend you send your documents by FedEx. Priority Overnight FedEx

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