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Visa Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a visa?

    A visa is a document which permits travelers into a specific country and allows them to stay there for a set period of time. For the most part, visas may be issued only at the country’s corresponding Consulates. However, in some cases, visas may be issued at the border upon arrival. Visas may be glued or stamped directly into a passport and they may also be issued electronically as is the case when obtaining an Australia Visa. While some countries require all travelers who who enter to obtain a visa, other countries have reciprocal agreements with certain countries on which visa requirements can be waived. A visa may allow only one, two or several entries before the visa expires. It is important to research visa requirements specific to where you are visiting before traveling internationally. This will help to avoid issues with airlines and border control officials. Airlines may refuse to board a person on a plane if the traveler does not have a visa inside the passport. Sometimes, travelers are sent back home upon reaching the destination country if the passengers do not have visas in their passports.

  • Which countries require a visa?

    The list of countries that require a visa is ever changing and somewhat complex. It depends on which country the traveler’s passport is from. In order to be absolutely certain, it is recommended to visit the official websites of the country of origin and destination.

  • Does Rush process work visas, student visas or residence visas?

    currently, Rush only processes tourist visas, business visas, private visas, crew visas and official visas. Those seeking to apply for student visas, work visas or residence visas are required to apply directly through a local Embassy or Consulate.

  • Do you only process visa applications for US and Canadian citizens? Can you process my visa application if I live in a different country?

    Depending on the country that you wish to visit and the type of visa that you need, we may be able to process your visa application. If you are a resident of the United States or Canada there is a better chance that we can assist you. To be sure you can speak with a LIVE PASSPORT AGENT 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.or call us at:

    • 212-643-9305 New York
    • 877-937-7277 All 50 States
  • Please explain the terms ‘visa validity’ and ‘maximum stay’.

    Visa validity refers to the dates for which a particular visa is effective. For example, if a visa for Chinais valid for ninety days, the traveler must enter China prior to the period of 90 days expires.
    Maximum stay refers to the the time allotted for stay in a particular country. For example, the maximum stay in China is 30 days while the visa validity may be 90 days.. However although the visa validity is 90 days, the maximum stay of 30 days supercedes the visa validity. Note that various countries differ in their requirements and interpretations with regard to visa validity and maximum stay.

  • What is consular jurisdiction and is it mandatory in the processing of my visa?

    Consular jurisdiction refers to the geographic area for which a consulate is authorized to issue visas. When a consulate isjurisdictional, visas can only be processed for those residing within their jurisdiction. For the most part, visas can be processed in Washington, D.C., without regard to consular jurisdiction. Nevertheless, there are many countries require that all visa applications be submitted in the assigned consular jurisdiction. Rush Passport makes the visa application process faster and easier as we are always up to date on regulations for all countries including those that are jurisdictional.

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