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17 Nov, 2016

Planning a Vacation to the Tropics

A good traveling experience always requires some planning. Of course, even an over-night sojourn needs some thought put into it, but this is especially relevant of trips to foreign countries. Getting good deals on an air ticket, rental car and a hotel room are a good start, but there’s far more to be done. International travel means you will need to be mindful of all the extra steps and research in order to fully realize a stress-free vacation experience.

The tropics are often targeted destinations for great getaways, especially in the time of cold and wet weather at home. Being on the beach, working on a nice golden tan while sipping a fruity drink, is the picture of relaxation for many of those who work the 9 to 5 grind. Planning the perfect vacation to the tropics will take some time and a little know-how, but once accomplished it will be well worth the labor. The following tips can help in making sure that your dream tropical vacation comes true:

Obtain Your Passport

Getting a passport will be necessary if traveling to the Caribbean and Central America. Rush (a registered agency with the U.S. Department of State) is a great site to visit that actually assists you in acquiring an expedited passport far sooner and more conveniently than the usual way, which can often take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or more. Be aware that there is plenty that you will have to get together to apply for your passport- (Your proof of citizenship, a proper government issued I.D. that is more than 6 months old, social security card, government and expediting service fees and your in-person signature on the document in the presence of the application agent are all mandated.)

Go All-Inclusive

Some may visit the tropics to see the beautiful sights while others come just to enjoy the storied relaxation. It is quite possible (and affordable) to do both of these things especially if you have purchased an all-inclusive package. These will generally cover all food and drinks while you are at your resort. The feeling of not having to bring anything but your room key when you exit your suite is quite liberating. Budgeting for a trip such as this can be quite easy when food and alcohol are included. However, the fact that you don’t have to leave the resort doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture off its grounds to enjoy a lunch or some other experience that is more akin to what those who are natives might enjoy. This way you can see and experience the culture first hand.

Plan Some Tours

Touring your destination can be an easy way to see how the locals live and eat on a daily basis. Generally you can plan these on a travel website but there should also be tours available for you to book at your resort. Talking to the concierge about the tours he or she might favor can be very helpful as they normally will be more aware of all the good and fun places that are often off the beaten track. Also, asking about the best places to eat on and off the resort can be a terrific way to find a place not filled with tourists.

Pack Accordingly

Sunscreen and loose fitting attire are recommended for many places in the tropics. If one is not acclimated to it, the humidity in many of these locations can be almost unbearable if one is not prepared. And very little else can ruin a trip to the tropics faster than getting a bad sunburn, often on the first day there. The UV rays are extremely powerful the closer that you get to the equator, so those of you who don’t heed this advice might be in for some real painful consequences. (Pour on that sun-block lotion!)

Tropical Conclusion

The above are just a few of the many items on your checklist that you will need to take care of when planning a vacation to the tropics. Keep in mind that these trips are as affordable as ever with many travel websites offering substantial discounts for booking all the aspects of one trip together. ( is a terrific service in which a guarantee is offered for the lowest rates available.) Take some time to relax in the tropics but also be prepared before you go. Taking the correct steps can make your vacation one you’ll never soon forget!

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