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  • DS-11 Passport Application

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    This application must be filled out online and printed single sided. Double sided applications will not be accepted. Form must be completely filled out do not leave anything blank. When you have reached the end of the online application, you must click on the submit button, then check the box acknowledging each of the steps. Lastly, click “Create Form” at the end of the application.

    The newly created application will have two bar codes, one on the top left side and one on the bottom right side. DO NOT SIGN APPLICATION until you are in front of an Acceptance Agent.

    If you will also be applying for the “passport card” make sure that you check off the box “Both” on the top of your application.

    When applying for a child’s passport, if both parents names’ are on the birth certificate, the child together with both parents must be present to execute the application. If for some reason one parent cannot be present, that parent can fill out a Parent Consent Form DS-3053 (In which case the child is only eligible for the one, two or three day service). It is vital the parents’ signatures match the signature on the identification they provide. The date that you signed is the same date the notary signed and dated it. The date must appear in U.S. style, month/day/year. Also, a photocopy of front and back of the photo ID used to notarize the form is needed. The DS-3053 form must be an original even if the document is from a distant state or over seas.

    If you will be coming into our office in person, do not go to the acceptance agent. Come and see us first together with the child. We will make sure all of your documents are in order. We will then send you to one of three acceptance agencies by our office

    Please note: All questions on application pertain to child only.

  • Proof of Citizenship

    Provide a State issued Original or Certified copy of your Birth Certificate (Birth must have been registered within one year or less of date of birth) or Original Certificate of Naturalization. The original document will be submitted to the State Dept. with your passport application in the sealed envelope and will be returned with your NEW passport. Children 15 years or younger even if they have a US Passport that is expired, a Birth Certificate is still required to show the parental relationship to renew the Passport.

    Note: All Birth Certificates must also include the full names of the applicant’s parents (s), regardless of age.

    Note: Hospital issued Birth Certificates are NOT accepted. Birth Certificates from Hudson County, N.J. are NOT accepted, must obtain Certified copy from Trenton, N.J.

    Note: Any Birth Certificate with birth filed one year or more after date of birth is considered a “Delayed Birth Certificate”. Please call for more information

  • Travel Itinerary

    Provide an International ticket, e-ticket, itinerary or hotel confirmation for those driving. Please be sure that the child’s name is listed on the travel itinerary/hotel confirmation.

    Note: Must reflect a travel day of 14 days or earlier

  • Proof of Identification

    Provide original ID of both parents’ passports or valid drivers’ licenses & green cards (if applicable for non-us citizens).

  • Social Security Number

    An Original or  photocopy of the child’s social security card or parent’s tax return with the child social security number listed as a dependent.

  • Two Identical Passport Photos

    Include two identical passport photos. These must meet the government requirements of being sized 2X2 with a white background, no glasses or head gear. Photos taken at premises ($15 fee for one set age 3 and over. $25 fee Ages 1 and under.)

  • Authorization Form

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    Print two original copies of the authorization letters. This form allows us to act as an agent on your behalf. One original goes to the Acceptance Agent and one original goes on the outside of the sealed envelope.

  • Order Form

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    This form is used for to keep track of your application. It does not go to the Acceptance Agent. Include it on the outside of the sealed envelope together with a copy of all the other documents and the original Letter of Release and Authorization Letter.

  • Refund Policy

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    Must be signed by applicant ages 16 and over. The parent coming in must sign for child 15 years of age and under.

  • Government Fees

    For the [U.S. Passport Book] its payable in a personal check or money order made payable to the “US Department of State”  in the amount of $140.00 & $35.00 payable to the “USPS”  . If you are also applying for the [U.S. Passport Card], the check should be made out in the amount of $155.00 & $35.00.

    Note: Temporary / starter checks or checks without name and address will NOT be accepted.

  • Sealed Enveloped

    If your child is 15 and under both parents must appear with child, sign the DS-11 and get the package sealed at the acceptance agency. If for some reason one of the parents can not be present, he/she must fill out, sign and notarize a Parental Consent Form DS-3053. Make sure the government agent writes the applicant’s name, travel date, and date of birth on the outside of the sealed enveloped. Note: A $35.00 fee will be charged by the agency sealing your package. This will be paid at the time you get your package executed.

  • Getting Your Passport

    Choose a method from the following choices:

    • Either include your own return FedEx prepaid airbill
    • Pay $30.00 for overnight delivery Mon-Fri (for morning delivery bet. 10-11am)
    • Pay $65.00 for first A.M. (usually by 8:30am) and Saturday delivery.
    • Or just simply pick up at our location.
  • Service Fees

    Call us before coming in personally or sending via Fedex for updated fees.
    Note: Cash or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex) Accepted. Credit Card Authorization Form

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