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1 Year Limited U.S. Passport

Expediting a replacement of your 1 year U.S. Passport in time for your trip. First, you must bring in your original 1 year U.S. Passport.  If you do not have it, this e-mail is not for you. Call us at 212-643-9305 for guidance. Some times, when getting a one year passport, the government gives you a letter on  how to get a new passport. Please let us know if you do have one of these letters.
Submitting time of 1 year U.S. Passport application for expediting is :
  • Monday – Friday ( 8am – 2:30pm ) or Saturday ( 9am – 11am )
  • You can only apply 14 calendar days before the travel date or 30 days before if your trip has a Visa requirement. This policy is strictly enforced by the State Dept.
  • No appointment required. Walk-In Service
  • Applicant MUST appear in person
  • Passport photos available on premises
  • First come, first serve for availability
-Click on the link for online DS-11 or DS-5504 Application then click on blue tab that says SUBMIT:
In order to insure the right form prints out, when filling out the DS-11 form please check off your passport was damaged. When filling out for form DS-5504, Do Not check off that your passport was damaged. When you are done completing the online form please notice that there is a bar code on the top left hand corner on the application page. Print out 2 copies and  DO NOT SIGN!
 Handwritten applications will NOT be accepted by the State Department for expedited applications. For your convenience our team will prepare the online form in our office on your behalf for an additional service fee of  $50.00.
-Now, open the attachment (on the bottom of this page) to print out forms required to be completed by hand but please DO NOT SIGN them if you are coming in person to our office :
  • Rush Passport Order Form
  • Rush Passport Refund Policy Form
  • Rush Passport Expediters Letter of Authorization ( 2 )

Call us now to expedite your passport (212) 643-9305

  • Please take the time to read and review this information carefully
    If you are missing something from the Below requirements then call us ,212-643-9305, and speak to a Passport / Visa specialist to discuss your options and alternatives. If you do not have the proper ID from the list above and you require a witness, request an e-mail outlining the requirements for a valid witness.
  • Government Fee

    For Book ONLY $205 payable in a checks (breakdown: $170 & $35), debit card or cash

    For Book & Card $235 payable in a checks (breakdown: $200 & $35), debit card or Cash
  • Service Fee

    2-3 Day Service $500.00 (cash only)

    1 Day Service $650.00 (cash only)

  • Original Proof of Citizenship (any one of the following)
    • Original Birth Certificate or Certified Copy from the United States ( Must have parents names listed and the filing date must be within 1 year of date of birth )
    • Original Certificate of Birth Abroad ( Must have parents names listed and the filing date must be within 1 year of date of birth )
    • Original Naturalization Certificate
    • Any original, full term US Passport issued ( Must be in good condition )
  • Original Proof of Identification
    • Must present a State Issued Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s ID.
    • Provisional & Temporary ( issued for 1 year ) Driver’s Licenses NOT accepted ( call us – witness required on your file)
    • Driver’s Permit is NOT accepted  ( call us – witness required on your file )
  • Additional Identification
    To hedge your application and prevent unnecessary delays we always recommend bringing additional items listed below to support your US Passport application.
    •  Any other photo identification current or expired ( Government ID, School ID, Work ID, Professional Licenses, High School or College Yearbook )
    • Any other Non Photo ID ( Health insurance Card, Voter Registration Card, Credit or Debit Card, any other professional licenses, associations, affiliations and library card )
  • Proof of Social Security
    • Original or copy of your Social Security Card or most recent tax return, W-2,
  • Proof of International Departure
    • Airline Flight Itinerary ( Name of applicant must appear and spelled correctly )
    • Original Airline Ticket
    • Business Letter on company letterhead signed by anyone at the company ( not the applicant )
    • Driving to Canada ( Hotel reservation with applicants name )
    • Bus Ticket ( with applicants name )
  • Legal Name Change
    ( If the name on your proof of citizenship doesn’t match your Identification provide one of the following to support the name change legally )
    • Original Certificate of Marriage
    • Original Divorce Decree or Certified Copy
    • Original Name Change from the Court or Certified Copy
    • Photocopy of any of the above will NOT be accepted by the State Dept.
(212) 643-9305