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  • Why Expedite Your Passport?

    You probably have a flight scheduled within the next 2 – 3 weeks or even sooner and you don’t have the time to go through the regular passport process of 4- 8 weeks. This could be the night before your trip and you are busy packing your bags when you realize “Oh my goodness! My passport is expired! What do I do now?” There are so many situations that arise when it comes to passports. It could be your child’s passport that you picked up and realized that it was only issued for 5 years and it’s expired. You might be a US citizen that never really ventured out of the country, now requiring an American passport to travel overseas. You could be a newly naturalized citizen, congratulations! You also need a passport to travel. If your passport is damaged or you may need pages added because you travel so frequently, and you need to put visas in there. Or, if somehow you’ve searched all over your house and you need a replacement, we can help. All of these situations constitute a passport emergency and make you a candidate for an expedited passport. We, at Rush Passport™ can help!
  • Why Rush Passport™?

    Rush Passport™ is a registered expeditor of the US Department of State and foreign consulates and we can process all the applications in person at one of the various passport agencies across the country. If you’ve tried calling one of the passport agencies to make an appointment and you cannot get one before your trip, Rush Passport™ should be your option. If you don’t have time to go to the passport agency on your own, can’t take time away from work, you don’t want to deal with the frustration of waiting on long lines, or possibly confusing paperwork. That is the reason Rush Passport™ makes this expediting process so much easier for you. We process in all 50 States, and if you just don’t know where, what or how this whole process works, we simplify this for you. We’ll gladly help you. Other companies on the internet that you may run into try to piggyback off the trustworthy reputation that™ has created. Please be careful, there is one™, and our reputation stands for itself. We welcome you to do your due diligence in taking a closer look at™. Feel free to see our Better Business Bureau report, our clean bill of health since 2002! Visit us on CitySearch and see hundreds of 5 star ratings and reviews we’ve received from people. And see us featured in national publications all across the country. More importantly, call us today at 212-643-9305 and speak to one of our representatives. You will be pleased with how knowledgeable they are and the customer service that we provide is unmatched in the industry today. We answer phones 24 hours a day, it’s not a recording or third party operator, but a live expeditor from our company that will answer your calls. Imagine being in a situation with a passport emergency, in the middle of the night packing your bags and realizing that your passport is expired. Answering the phone at that hour is vital for you to have piece of mind. We are that company that’s going to do that. There is no company in the industry that provides that kind of service. We want to make you feel more comfortable and secure with using Rush Passport™ for your expediting needs. We look forward to serving you for all your passport needs in the future and hope to be making your trips come true!

    Rush Passport™ is a full service passport expediting and visa expediting agency. Registered with the U.S. Department of State, Rush Passport™ works with the U.S. Passport Agency and foreign embassies to secure US passports and visas for international travelers who depart on short notice. Need your passport quick, need your passport fast? Whatever the case: passport renewal, lost passport, stolen passport, mutilated passport, child passport, first time passport, visas… our passport and visa specialists expedite passports quickly, efficiently and economically. Rush Passport™ Expedited Service is safe and secure! US Passport guaranteed in time for trip.

    Call us today 212-643-9305 24/7 to speak with a live passport specialist.
  • Rush Passport is an expediting service.

    When you are applying for a passport or travel visa, the agencies, rules and regulations can be difficult to navigate, and you often have to either appear in person or have someone acting as your agent to appear in your place. Rush Passport never charges for the government forms you need to process your passport or travel visa applications. Instead, we earn our fees by acting as your agent in the application process, saving you time, effort, and the headaches of dealing with the myriad of agencies and foreign governments standing between you and your trip abroad. If you do not choose to use the services of a registered Passport Expediting company such as then feel free to call the U.S. Department of State directly at 1-877-487-2778 to secure an appointment in time for your international flight and go online to download all their requirements and forms at This number is an automated system that will allow you to make an appointment at one of the Regional Passport Agencies throughout the United States. If you can not secure an appointment before your flight or do not want to go directly to the Passport Agency you can contact us, to use our services for expediting your passport application in time for your trip. Please be advised the State Department requires that you make an appointment to come in person to one of the regional passport agencies and you must be traveling internationally within 14 calendar days or less to secure an appointment.

This service is available at no additional charge at a regional passport agency of the US Dept of State. Please visit their website to schedule an in-person appointment within 14 calendar days of your international travel date. If you can not obtain an appointment prior to your travel date or choose not to go to them directly, our consulting services are available.
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