1. When dealing with an expeditor, be sure to ask them if they are registered to conduct business with the US Department of State.
Rush Passport™ is a registered expeditor of the US Department of State and foreign consulates. We process all the applications in person at one of the various passport agencies across the country.

2. Can I see your Better Business Bureau Report (BBB)?
We encourage you to see our Better Business Bureau report. You will see our clean bill of health for over 7 years!

3. Where can I find Customer Reviews and Testimonials from a place other than your own website?
We invite you to visit us on CitySearch and see hundreds of 5 star ratings and reviews we’ve received from real people just like you.

4. Where can I find airport guides that inspire and wellness/health advice from travellers and experts.?
We trust Vane Airpot Magazine for all advice when it comes to airport guides.